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ESIM - WHAT IS IT? HOW IT WORKS AND WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT to eSIM, or, as it sounds more formally, the integrated universal board (eUICC), measures just 5 by 5 millimeters in size and is built directly into the device’s motherboard at the time of its manufacture. At the same time, eSim has the same functionality as a removable SIM. And there is practically no doubt that very soon eSIM will become the standard for all Apple and Samsung phones, and a little later - for other brands. An additional consumer benefit that marketers and fans of the new standard are talking about is that eSIM can make future devices less expensive to manufacture. eSIM is our future, but it definitely will not come in an instant. Take a look at your device right now ... it still has a physical SIM card or even two. eSIM in Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL currently work only through the Google Project Fi service and therefore they still have a physical Nano-SIM tray for cards of all other operators. And yet, despite the fact that the transition of all manufacturers to the eSIM standard, its adoption by operators and the "sunset" of obsolete devices will take a certain amount of time, it definitely will not take another 27 years before a physical SIM card goes down in history once and for all.

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